The Town Investment team of CWM includes five partners. This team has wide knowledge of the retail property investment markets of Central London and provincial high street including in the shopping center of the United Kingdom.

CWM prides itself in its ability to analyze thoroughly detail with the objective to identify genuine opportunities of growth. In order to make sure that their advice is based on reliable inputs, the team works closely with their agency and talk daily to occupiers. In addition, CWM is in close contact with experts in rent review.

In the past years, CWM has advised on over £400m of commercial property trades with an average share size of £12m. The team split their work between sales and acquisitions. CWM advises on a various range of property investments in town including gyms, car parks, cinemas, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, and shops.

Among their major transactions, there is the acquirement of the Notting Hill Gate Estate for £131m. The acquisition was done on behalf of William Pears and LaSalle Investment Management. The estate included 166 flats,90,000 sq. ft. and 50 shops.

The team of Town Retail Agency has more than fifty year’s practical experience in the sector out of town. This team includes qualified practitioners who provide professional advice in all fields of rent reviews, asset management, and investment around the country.

CWM works closely with customers in order to understand very well their needs and the group can assign the appropriate practitioners to each task while providing an outstanding level of coordinated and strategic advice. The unequalled retail expertise of this team gives CWM an exceptional advantage over the competition.



Recently, SV Racing presented CWM World as the new main sponsor for the Renault UK Clio Cup of this year since the latest driver for Renault has been confirmed. AnthonyConstantinou, Chief Executive Officer of CWM World, is involved heavily in sports sponsorship including major deals with renowned football and rugby clubs around the world. Constantinou is also sponsoring Moto GP team.

The boss of Renault team said that he is absolutely pleased to have CWMWorld as the main sponsor since the group is a leader in the market with a considerable achievement in the sector.

The boss of Renault team revealed that there are important synergies between their tactical motivations and the sporting undertakings operating already under the umbrella of CWM World. The collaboration will bring numerous thrilling opportunities to the two sides. The four cars will have the logo of CWM World stuck on them and the victory is assured by the skilled drivers chosen carefully.

Ben Seyfried is the second driver of the team and won the Super Mighty Mini three times. In addition, he is also the vice-champion of the Fun Cup. He was crowned in the national platform and has a wide career of racing.

CWM World is always keen to sponsor main events in sports and maritime sectors to contribute to the improvement of these sectors. In addition, the company is also active in the charity field as a valuable contributor in many projects aimed to give the young people opportunities to use their skills for a better future.



The London Boat Show reached a deal with CWMWorld to sponsor the show for this year. CWM World provides professional and user-friendly trading features and platforms of high quality, offering users the ability to tailor their experience of trading to suit personal needs for any trade regardless the time and place. CWM World is sponsoring the show through its forex trading company named CWM FX.

The managing director of CWM World revealed that the group was pleased to become the official title sponsor of the London Boat Show and consider the show as a fantastic event for the marine industry and particularly for the group. The sponsorship means the importance of their world-class show recognizing the event as among the most respected and iconic boat shows around the world.

The sponsorship reinforces also the impact that the new creative campaign and direction already enjoyed by the show. He added that the partnership of CWM World and the London Boat Show underlines the way businesses keep recognizing the importance of the opportunities offered by the high-profile event of the company.

The sponsorship comes also when investment and interest from the marine industry is already solid with over 90% of exhibition space sold up to date. The General Manager of CWM World said that the group was exceptionally proud to sponsor the show since it is an opportunity to display the strength of the connection between maritime and finance sectors. The manager said that the group will add this partnership to their increasing portfolio of current sponsorships.


CWM FX is a foreign exchange trading company located formerly at the Heron Tower at 110 Bishops gate. The tower is known otherwise as Salesforce Tower. CWM FX is part of the CWM group of firms. The company used formerly the foreign exchange trading ‘white label’ trading stand of Leverate Financial Services Limited that is an investment firm of Cyprus. The Cyprus Exchange Commission and Securities licenses and regulates this investment company.

The regulatory board functions in London utilizing the MiFID rules of the European Community. The Cyprus Exchange Commission and Securities operated a conventional through processing model and Contract For Difference for retail traders in foreign exchange for Contract for trading Currency Sets.

CWM FX has the objective to design and generate a sequence of innovative and immersive experiences during the London Boat Show. CWMFX designed and produced 3 shows with the objective to offer an efficient solution from model, set strategy, technical production, creation of content, and on-site location supervision.

During the show, Rain Curtain was among the main attractions that set the scene for the show. This innovation utilizes automated interactive device technology to enable invitees to keep the rain under their control while they walk into the event.

This new technology offers a 4D experience that mixes photo-genuine computer and projection technology to generate sound design and visual effects to drop the guests in the middle of a wide ocean. On the other side, CWM FX uses the Datatag Lab that allows invitees to get close to cutting brink marine technology where various associates display the latest progresses in technology and innovation.


CWM World is a big world with high relationships and productive partnerships. Racing cars, motorbikes, boxing events, boat shows, rugby clubs, and football clubs have all had the logo of CWM FX placed over their sporting brands to demonstrate that they are part of the exciting CWM World. Recently, CWM FX reached an interesting deal to become the online forex trading partner of Chelsea football club.

Most of partnerships of the company were made with the Premier League Club of West London and the CWM world invited Carl Frampton at Stamford Bridge for a partnership. Carl Frampton is the IBF World Super Bantamweight boxing champion. The invitation was made at the end of January for the clash against the holder of the title.

Last year, CWM world demonstrated its connections to the boxing sector through a deal made in October with Barry McGuigan. Barry is a boxing legend who is running currently CWM Cyclone Promotions. This enables him to manage Carl Frampton and numerous other boxers.

Anthony Constantinou, CEO of CWM world, with his deputy met Princess Anne on January in London during the CWM FX London Boat Show. His deputy Droste told reporters that the princess has a huge influence in the sailing field and it was wonderful to meet her. He revealed that Constantinou made a generous donation to the Riders for Health foundation that is a charity led by the princess. Therefore, the synergy between the two personalities was admirable since the princess sails also.